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Shout-Out to Mount Hor #739, Cassville Pa.

Thank you Scott P. for reaching out and giving us a run down of all the things you got going. Mt. Hor is getting ready to celebrate its 150th anniversary on October 2nd.

Mt. Hor has been very active having organized a Annual Easter Egg Hunt in 2003, which has grown ever since. During that event Mt. Hor members hide around 3,000 eggs for the children from the local communities. In addition to their Annual Easter Egg Hunt they also participate in the local Oktoberfest, selling homemade soups. Not only do they sell soups but about 150 gallons of it. It doesn’t stop their as they participate at local high school football games working the food booth.

With about 50 members to date, Mt. Hor has not shortage of energy when it come to Odd Fellowship. Thank you for contributing and serving your community while promoting the bedrock pillars of Odd Fellowship, Friendship, Love and Truth.


Do you have something awesome going on at your lodge?  We want to help
you share the news with the wider world of Odd Fellowship.  Feature your
lodge on our Shout-Out segment.  The Shout-Out is an opportunity for
lodges to tell the world what’s going on in their lodge.  Did your lodge
just complete a major fundraiser?  Did you give out a large
scholarship?  Did you just initiate a wonderful group of new members?
Did you just clean up the beach in your town?  Whatever the
accomplishment or good news, we want to share it for you and spread the
word about the good things happening in Odd Fellowship.

To nominate your lodge for a Shout-Out, email the hosts at with a detailed message about what your lodge
did that was special, important, or noteworthy.  Be sure and include the
name, number, and location of your lodge as well as any pertinent
details about it or members who were especially important to the
effort.  We’ll let you know if your lodge is selected for a Shout-Out and
then you can share that episode of the Three Links Odd Cast with
everyone in your area so that people will know the great news about your

Our first Shout-Out is to New Jersey’s newest Odd Fellows Lodge, Family Lodge No. 293. Congratulations! Thank you for all the hard work , time and energy you have committed to Odd Fellowship and its revival.

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