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Back home from Sovereign Grand Lodge in Cincinnati, Brothers Ainslie and Toby share their exhaustive interview with Grand Master of California Michael Greenzeiger about his new book, The Odd Fellows' Primer.  The interview goes into great detail about the process of researching and writing the book, its origins, its inspiration, and the various challenges encountered along the way.  The interview also touches on Bro. Ainslie's contributions to the artwork of the book and Bro. Scott Moye's contributions as editor.  (Side note: Bro. Scott Moye also recently published his *own* book about Odd Fellowship, which we'll be discussing in a future episode.)  The Odd Fellows' Primer is available for sale right now with bulk discounts available for large orders.  The Lodge Shoutout goes out to *two* lodges this time, to Governor Brooks #142 in Maine for their superlative efforts to build a new lodge hall with materials and labor donated by members and friends of the lodge, and also to Morning Star #20 in California for their valiant efforts to raise money for relief of those affected by the Caldor Fire.  Check out the links above if you would like to donate to either lodge's efforts.
  1. Odd Fellows' Primer
  2. Idaho Museum Re-dedication
  3. Answering Half-Asked Questions
  4. Anniversary Spectacular
  5. Thoughts From A Former Member
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