Anniversary Spectacular The Three Links Odd Cast

Ainslie, Toby, and Christopher are reunited with Sergio to celebrate the First Anniversary of the Three Links Odd Cast.  The four Odd Fellows discuss the first year of the podcast including what they expected when it started, how it has progressed, and what kind of impact they feel they've had on Odd Fellowship as a whole.  They share some excerpts from previous episodes as well as recorded messages from Michael Zurell, Seth Anthony, Justin Bailey, and Nick Curry, all former guests on the podcast.  They also share a few celebrity congratulations (badly impersonated, that is) from noteworthy celebrities.  Join the brothers as they review the first year of the Three Links Odd Cast and launch their second season of podcasts!
  1. Anniversary Spectacular
  2. Thoughts From A Former Member
  3. Oregon's Online Sessions
  4. Fraternal History in the UK
  5. Another New Lodge – Wyoming
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