The Important Crossover: Part 2 The Three Links Odd Cast

UPDATE: the correct audio file has been uploaded!  For those that downloaded the previous version, we hope you enjoyed a preview of "The Scandinavian Polka Party," hosted by Brother Toby on 247PolkaHeaven.com.***This is the second half of The Important Crossover.  If you haven't heard Part 1, go check it out from our friends at Modern Goat Rider.For the second half of The Important Crossover, Billy and Tara from Modern Goat Rider join Ainslie, Scott, and Toby to continue their discussion about whether Odd Fellowship is important.  (Spoiler alert: it is!)  The quintet of Poddies shares a variety of stories and opinions about why Odd Fellowship is important.  Some of the highlights include Tara's gratitude for having her supportive lodge family around her when she received some bad news; the story of Toby's Past Grand Master jewel; and the kindness shown Scott when he was struggling witH getting started in Odd Fellowship. 
  1. The Important Crossover: Part 2
  2. Patriarchs Militant
  3. Christmas Episode II
  4. The Sun Never Sets On Fraternalism
  5. Rebirth In Northern Illinois
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