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Making Connections Between Lodges The Three Links Odd Cast

What do backpacks for the homeless, a late 70s Chevy Nova, and a "Sausage Grind" have in common?  Earnie Taylor of Chester Lodge #281 in Virginia, that's what!  Brother Earnie joins us to talk about how he's been able to apply his skills of bringing people together for various charitable projects to building Odd Fellowship in the Jurisdiction of Virginia.  One of the current projects he discusses is the effort to help a lodge in a town far away be able to meet in their hall again after years of not doing so.  Along the way we gain some invaluable insight into how lodges can come together and "bundle their sticks" to build stronger communities and stronger lodges.  The Shoutout goes to Wisconsin Lodge #14 of Janesville, Wisconsin for their excellent work of holding activities in the community which raise the profile of Odd Fellowship.  For the Odd Podge, Toby talks about the recent trove of listener emails, Ainslie shares the insight from his newly-acquired District Deputy Grand Master's handbook, Mike talks about the fancy magazine he receives from another of the groups he belongs to, and Earnie gives a little more of his wisdom.
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  3. Gem City Revival
  4. Christmas Episode III: We Three Links
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