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June is a month of many celebrations and we're taking the opportunity to join in with one of them, though not the one Toby had expected.  Brother Chris Emmons from Kanawha Lodge #25 in Charleston, West Virginia joins us to celebrate LGBTQ Pride and share his experiences as an out gay Odd Fellow.  The conversation wanders around quite a bit and covers a wide range of topics, including the many great and affirming experiences both Chris and Ainslie have had in Odd Fellowship and some of the similarities between joining the Odd Fellows and coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community.  The Shoutout goes to another brand-new lodge, this time it's Gem City Lodge #357 in Quincy, Illinois.  In the Odd Podge, Ainslie talks about the Tuscola Odd Market and appendant festivities, including a drag show!  Chris shares a little about his trip to Tuscola for the Odd Market (and his new tattoo), and Toby *finally* gets to raise awareness of the accordion.
  1. Pride In Odd Fellowship
  2. Don't Look In The Closet…
  3. Demystifying Grand Lodge
  4. A Young Man's Benefit
  5. Pocatello Revival
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