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Incorporating Music Into Meetings The Three Links Odd Cast

Music enriches every aspect of life so why should it not enrich our lodge meetings as well?  Brother Mike has been adding music into the meeting of his lodge—Kanawha #25 in West Virginia—to great success.  Obviously, music can be used in all the places indicated in the ritual, like singing the Odes, but this episode goes further and talks about some of the musical background of Odd Fellowship and also gives suggestions for other places to have music, like the Initiatory Degree, various other public ceremonies, and even just in some of the slow parts of lodge meetings.  Our previous episode about music, The Musical Heritage of Odd Fellowship, is available here.  The Members Resources page mentioned in this episode is accessible here.  The Shoutout goes to Union Lodge #16 of St. Catherines, Ontario, for their fine work getting active and doing more to engage their community.  For the Odd Podge, Ainslie tells about his lodge's bowling trip, Mike tells about his lodge's upcoming baseball game (and matching shirts), and Toby shares a new balloting Ode written by Bro. Stephen Coulson of British Columbia.
  1. Incorporating Music Into Meetings
  2. How To Make Change
  3. Brother Rud
  4. Making Connections Between Lodges
  5. Kitchen Table Lodge
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